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We are Nimisha Web Design, a web design company with offices in Atlanta and Charlotte, that has helped businesses of all sizes around the India turn visitors into customers!

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Website Design: Creative Phase Once we’ve gathered all the necessary insights on you and your competitors, it’s time to put together the building blocks of your website. Website Sitemap First we’ll map out all of the pages for the website so that we can start developing the content. The sitemap is the basic structure of the navigation, and is extremely helpful in the next steps of the process. Style Tile The style tile is a brand guideline for your website. In this stage, we map out the fonts and colors we will use, and provide examples of how they will be used. Common items that are show in this stage are headline and paragraph font styles, colors and size, navigation styles and the style of images that may be used. Website Wireframe The wireframe is the blueprints for your website. We put the structural ideas into a design so that you understand the positioning of major items and the flow from page to page.